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Get information on your student loan options so you can make smart decisions when it comes to financing your education. We've enlisted the help of a Harvard alum and noted author to provide you with a lighter look at college admissions. Still trying to figure out what exactly you want in a college? We have enlisted the help of students and college admissions staff to highlight the benefits of different types of schools. Let an educational investment advisor guide you through the ins and outs of saving for college. Our 10-article series answers many of the major questions that parents and students grapple with while planning for college. The federal government is the #1 source of financial aid for college-bound students. Learn more about which programs you may qualify for and how you can take advantage of these opportunities. Also, are you wondering what FAFSA, EFC, and COA stand for? Check out our glossary to get some answers about commonly used financial aid, scholarship, and college terms. About to embark on a whirlwind tour of colleges and universities? We've enlisted the help of two independent school counselors to help walk you through some of the do's and don'ts of college tours. The following two articles offer advice on how to get the most out of your college visits and how to avoid major headaches: Not sure if you're quite ready for college? Itching for an adventure before you start hitting the books at college? Then, maybe you should consider a gap year. Where you live and who you live with can be a major factor in your happiness at college. Learn how to avoid roommate conflicts, how to determine whether living off campus is a good idea, and more with our College Housing Guide. You're not in high school anymore. Find out how you can navigate the transition to living on your own, taking college courses, and meeting new people. Much of what you learn at college isn't going to take place in the classroom. It'll come from experiences outside the classroom, sometimes in another country.

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Scholarship & Financial Aid Advice

  • Avoiding Scholarship Scams
    Find out how to recognize and steer clear of shady organizations that may be more interested in taking your money than helping you find scholarships.
  • Making Yourself a Great Scholarship Candidate
    We got the inside scoop on what makes for a great scholarship and college candidate. Check out the top tips from school counselors.
  • When the Numbers Don't Add Up
    Learn about some steps that you may be able to take if your financial aid aware package doesn't make college affordable. While college is expensive, it shouldn't leave you bankrupt.
Are you considering an online degree program? Get advice on how to pick the right program for you, find out what it's like to take online courses, and learn how an online degree can help your career. Thinking about transferring to a new school? The decision to transfer can be a challenging one. Get a handle on some issues you may want to consider before selecting a new school. Also, find out how one student made his transfer to a new college a success: Our Day in the Life series helps you get a sense about what it's really like to work in a given career. What do you do in a typical day? What training is needed? What skills are important?