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Overview for Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies

A program that focuses on the dynamic social relations between and among majority and minority groups and different minority groups, and ways to promote mutual tolerance, inter-group cooperation, and the leadership and management of diverse groups and diversity issues in family, educational, recreational, and work settings. Includes instruction in ethnic and cultural studies, group psychology, sociology, anthropology, conflict resolution, human services and resources, and applications to various functional environments.

Careers for Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies Majors

A major in Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies is highly relevant for the following careers. National averages for wages in each career is provided.

Colleges Offering a Major in Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies

Top 15 U.S. Colleges with the highest percentage of Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies among the 2008-2009 graduating class.

AddInfoCollege Name Degrees Awarded/
 Baptist Bible College and Graduate School
Springfield, MO
Open Admissions$13,710 
North Central University
Minneapolis, MN
 Colorado Heights University
Denver, CO
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Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Laie, HI
Moderately Selective$3,800 
Dallas Christian College
Dallas, TX
Kentucky Christian University
Grayson, KY
Macalester College
Saint Paul, MN
Highly Selective$38,174 
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Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY
Less Selective$32,060 
Union University
Jackson, TN
Less Selective$21,040 
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Degrees awarded represents the number of bachelor's degrees awarded among the 2008-2009 graduating class.