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Overview for Dietetics/Dietitian (RD)

A program that prepares individuals to integrate and apply the principles of the food and nutrition sciences, human behavior, and the biomedical sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs in a variety of settings. Includes instruction in human nutrition; nutrient metabolism; the role of foods and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention; planning and directing food service activities; diet and nutrition analysis and planning; supervision of food storage and preparation; client education; and professional standards and regulations.

Careers for Dietetics/Dietitian (RD) Majors

A major in Dietetics/Dietitian (RD) is highly relevant for the following careers. National averages for wages in each career is provided.

Colleges Offering a Major in Dietetics/Dietitian (RD)

Top 11 California Colleges with the highest percentage of Dietetics/Dietitian (RD) among the 2008-2009 graduating class.

AddInfoCollege Name Degrees Awarded/
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo, CA
Highly Selective$17,658 
 Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA
California State University-Chico
Chico, CA
Less Selective$16,496 
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California State University-Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
Highly Selective$15,530 
California State University-San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA
Most Selective$15,999 
California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Pomona, CA
Moderately Selective$10,170 
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA
Highly Selective$16,062 
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San Jose State University
San Jose, CA
Moderately Selective$16,214 
Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, CA
Less Selective$25,840 
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA
Moderately Selective$15,900 
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Degrees awarded represents the number of bachelor's degrees awarded among the 2008-2009 graduating class.