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1. Attempted kayaking in Galway

A pattern quickly emerged — left, right, spin in a circle, left, right, crash into canal wall.

2. “Pulling the trigger is hard”

A few days ago I opened Facebook to find that friends in Israel had taken cover in a bomb shelter.

3. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Best film of the summer

Because the film focuses on the drama of the story rather than stylish action sequences, the result is an action/sci-fi movie with more emotional heft than most. Additionally, because there are so few action sequences, the film feels like a ticking time bomb, building up nail-biting suspense that makes every scene of conflict that much more explosive in intensity.

4. Birthday in the ‘Burg

Well America, I’ve done it. Yours truly has officially escaped teen pregnancy.

5. Former student-athlete pleads not guilty, sets up jury trail

A former William and Mary student-athlete pleaded not guilty to a sole charge of rape in the Williamsburg-James City County Circuit Court Wednesday. A jury trial will convene in late October.

6. Got a free weekend? Jump off a cliff.

Being blocked on the road by a dozen sheep on the way to jump off cliffs was definitely a new one for me.

7. Deliver Us from “Deliver Us from Evil”

In all likelihood, you will think of “Deliver Us from Evil” as another one of those horror films you’ve seen a million times over, unless you have ostracized yourself from society in the past few years.

8. Is this the real life, is this just Ireland?

I understand now why the people here have such a strong connection to the land.

9. The Absence at the Table

Really, we can only guess the answer to the question: “What happened to our grandparents?”

10. Investigating the survivors of a Williamsburg summer

Internships are up, Wawa trips are down, and almost 20 percent of the populace has decided that the loneliness of the summer will last for eternity.