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1. New Williamsburg police chief focuses on student outreach

Williamsburg Chief of Police Sean Dunn has been on the job for 90 days but is already in the process of making changes to the police department. He said that his top priorities are safety and communication within the community

2. In the [demolition] zone: The 2017-2018 Flat Hat guide to campus construction

Over the next three academic years, the College of William and Mary will break ground on new construction projects and review architectural designs for projects to transform campus. Demolition, renovations and the design process for buildings will manifest across campus from the Student Recreation Center to the Integrated Wellness Center.

3. SA, College increase sustainability efforts

New sustainability efforts are underway at the College of William and Mary this fall, as the Student Assembly expanded its executive branch with the creation of a sustainability department and the College’s Office of Sustainability began development on a plan

4. Lecture at the Muscarelle discusses life and work of artist Fred Eversley

Light, space and energy are words a student might find on a physics syllabus. They are also words that can be found in the Muscarelle Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, “Fred Eversley, 50 Years an Artist: Light & Space &

5. Transgender activist Alok Vaid-Menon challenges the standard binary gender system

Instead of spending Friday, Sept. 22 with friends, food and fun, countless students packed into Tidewater A to hear Alok Vaid-Menon, a transgender rights activist, give a powerful performance entitled “Femme in Public.” Vaid-Menon is a gender non-conforming spokesperson for

6. Confusion Corner: Learning to listen to life’s rhythm and rhyme

When I was 10 years old, I fell asleep to the “West Side Story” soundtrack. Nearly every night for two years, I had my blue Walkman next to my chest and my crappy yellow earphones in, drifting to sleep to

7. What kneeling stands for on the football field

If you turned on a television Sunday, you saw it. Hundreds of National Football League players locked arms or knelt along with teammates in a national anthem protest. This latest round of protests came after President Donald Trump criticized Colin

8. JED program sets mental health goals: Campus chapter focuses on implementing JED’s national recommendations

Two years ago, as student mental health complaints were rising at the College of William and Mary, Associate Vice President for Health and Wellness Kelly Crace engineered a link to JED, a national organization that aims to protect student emotional

9. Living in a Language House: a sense of community

After searching rather languidly for off-campus housing last year, I finally gave up, unsatisfied with apartment offerings. I had stayed in two traditional dormitories previously and was acutely aware of the drawbacks. In a traditional dormitory, it’s hard to get

10. Emergency alerts generally not specific

In the month of September, students received that fateful combination of a text, phone call and email from the College of William and Mary’s emergency notification system several times. Tuesday, Sept. 5 there was a diesel spill near Swem, and