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1. Sports talk can help students develop critical thinking skills, says Stanford scholar

Through research that blends cognitive science and the humanities, Stanford English professor Blakey Vermeule finds that an in-depth knowledge of athletics can be a tool to broaden the intellectual horizons of students.

2. Scientific evidence does not support the brain game claims, Stanford scholars say

Sixty-nine scientists at Stanford University and other institutions issued a statement that the scientific track record does not support the claims that so-called "brain games" actually help older adults boost their mental powers.

3. Stanford students create interactive tool that tells the story of global change

Using first-person narratives, Stanford undergraduates create an interactive tool that shows how forces of global change are manifested locally throughout California.

4. Stanford scholars see slight shift to GOP in midterm elections

The Nov. 4 midterm elections will reflect a slight electoral swing to the GOP that could be greater if it were not for that party's perception problems, says Stanford political scientist Gary Segura.

5. Stanford historian unearths origins of Mexico's water crisis

Through a historical analysis of agrarian reform and hydraulic technology, Mikael Wolfe discovers how powerful business interests helped put Mexico's groundwater supply on a path toward unsustainability.

6. Stanford task force seeks campus input on sexual assault policies and practices

Two town halls have been scheduled – the first, a graduate student town hall, on Monday, Oct. 20 – and input is also welcomed via the task force website.

7. Twenty-five years later: The legacy of the Loma Prieta quake at Stanford

Stanford remembers the earthquake that rocked the campus and spurred wealth of research aimed at reducing quakes' destruction.

8. Stanford engineers build, test earthquake-resistant house

Twenty-five years after Loma Prieta, a Stanford team develops inexpensive design modifications that could be incorporated into new homes to reduce quake damage.

9. Stanford Roundtable 2014 brings climate change to the fore

This year's Roundtable at Stanford focuses on climate change, its impacts, dangers and possible solutions. On Friday, Oct. 24, 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl will lead the conversation.

10. Stanford selects first cohort of Distinguished Careers Institute fellows

The program is designed for exceptional leaders with 20 to 30 years of experience who are interested in reinventing and redirecting their careers toward roles with a social impact.