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1. Ants' intruder defense strategy could lead to better email spam filters, Stanford biologist finds

Biology Professor Deborah M. Gordon presents a model suggesting that the human immune system and ants use similar distributed defense strategies to fight off intruders. Adapting this technique could yield stronger email spam filters.

2. Stanford launches new employee classification program

Stanford's new Staff Career & Job Classification Program, which gives every non-academic and non-bargaining unit employee a new job classification, description and title, goes into effect today, April 1.

3. Stanford's Cardinal Cogeneration plant shuts down to make way for SESI

For the past 30 years, Cardinal Cogeneration has provided virtually all of the university's energy needs. It gives way in April to the Stanford Energy System Innovations.

4. Stanford's Cantor Arts Center presents solo exhibition of Jacob Lawrence's work, Promised Land

Stanford students are the first scholars to study and present some of the works that have never been on public display.

5. The global oil price drop may last for the next couple decades, Stanford economist says

Stanford economist Frank Wolak says the drop in oil prices and demand reflects heightened energy production in North America, better technologies and the declining market power of the OPEC countries.

6. Stanford's Ants in Space study launches citizen science for students worldwide

Want to teach high school students about science, technology, engineering and math? "Get ants," advises Stanford biologist Deborah M. Gordon.

7. Stanford offers admission to 2,144 students, expands financial aid program

Stanford has extended undergraduate admission offers to the Class of 2019 and announced an increase in financial aid. Now, parents with annual family incomes below $125,000 and typical assets will be expected to pay no Stanford tuition.

8. Moral stigma spreads down from the top in organizations, Stanford research shows

Stanford research shows that in social hierarchies, moral stigma spreads down more than up.

9. Security Conundrum lecture series to end with view from Congress and the courts

Mark Udall, the former U.S. senator who has fought government spying on U.S. citizens, will speak on campus April 2, as part of Stanford's Security Conundrum lecture series.

10. Stanford research: Disrespect toward people based on group may cause anti-social behavior

Stanford researchers found that when people feel disrespected because of their gender or race, they are more likely to engage in anti-social behaviors like stealing and cheating.