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1. George Knoles, Stanford professor of history, dies at 107

George Harmon Knoles, a Stanford history professor emeritus who taught summer colleges around the world, died Aug. 27.

2. Another Look book club goes out of this world with 'Cosmicomics'

No author did a better job of imagining the universe than Italo Calvino did – his "Cosmicomics" prove it. Stanford's "Another Look" book club discusses Calvino's science-inspired fantasies on Oct. 27.

3. Stanford scientists say drought linked to climate change

The extreme atmospheric conditions associated with California's crippling drought are far more likely to occur under today's global warming conditions than in the climate that existed years ago.

4. Stanford releases annual campus safety report

This year's annual safety report includes information and resources specifically related to sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking.

5. Stanford scientists at forefront of climate research

Team uses novel combination of computer simulations and statistical techniques to show that a persistent region of high atmospheric pressure was much more likely to form in the presence of modern greenhouse gas concentrations.

6. 'Stanford in New York City' to launch autumn 2015

Under the new program, 20 Stanford undergraduates will live and study in New York City and spend four days a week working in internships related to their interests.

7. Political partisanship contributes to rising inequality, Stanford experts say

Sociologists Doug McAdam and Karina Kloos write that the influence of racially inflected social movements and politics since the 1960s has led to unprecedented levels of inequality and partisanship.

8. Traffic flowing in Stanford's new Escondido Roundabout

Slow down, look, yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and yield to bicycles and cars already in the roundabout. Proceed with caution. Vehicles and bicycles should travel single file in a roundabout – not alongside each other.

9. 2013 government shutdown hurt federal workers and the economy, Stanford scholar says

Constantine Yannelis found that federal employees during the 2013 government shutdown sharply reduced their spending and consumption levels.

10. Stanford and China exchange electronic academic records

While many U.S. colleges and universities use e-transcripts, universities and ministries in other countries rarely exchange electronic academic records. Stanford's registrar hopes a collaboration with China's Ministry of Education will set the standard for record exchanges with other countries.