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1. Stanford researchers urge early help for kindergarten students with low self-regulation

Academic success for a first-grader depends in part on both high self-regulation in kindergarten and a low-conflict relationship between student and teacher. Parents and teachers should step in as needed.  

2. Democracy is often misunderstood, with tragic results, says Stanford classicist

Drawing from ancient democracy and modern game theory, Josiah Ober warns that contemporary assumptions about democracy can lead to unrealistic expectations of what democracy can deliver.

3. Stanford psychologist explores how meaningfulness cultivates well-being

Professor Jennifer Aaker says that while meaningful choices are often not pleasurable to make, they are commonly associated with a greater sense of well-being in the long run.

4. Senate to discuss undergraduate education and alternative careers for PhDs

5. Learning the tricks of the trade

Three economists – representing Stanford, Northwestern and the University of Utah – hit the road on a quest to learn what enables small businesses to flourish in the 21st century.

6. Stanford alumni arrive Thursday for Reunion Homecoming

The "heart and soul" of the Oct. 23-26 event are class reunion parties and class panels in which alumni share real-life experiences. The annual gathering also features Dinner on the Quad and the 2014 Roundtable at Stanford.

7. Stanford scholar reveals French cross-dresser's role in Oscar Wilde's legacy

An archival discovery by Stanford literary scholar Petra Dierkes-Thrun reveals how Wilde's close ties to a gender-bending Parisian publisher and her transnational network of queer artists helped ensure his posthumous fame.

8. Sports talk can help students develop critical thinking skills, says Stanford scholar

Through research that blends cognitive science and the humanities, Stanford English professor Blakey Vermeule finds that an in-depth knowledge of athletics can be a tool to broaden the intellectual horizons of students.

9. Scientific evidence does not support the brain game claims, Stanford scholars say

Sixty-nine scientists at Stanford University and other institutions issued a statement that the scientific track record does not support the claims that so-called "brain games" actually help older adults boost their mental powers.

10. Stanford students create interactive tool that tells the story of global change

Using first-person narratives, Stanford undergraduates create an interactive tool that shows how forces of global change are manifested locally throughout California.