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1. Noise pollution loudest in black neighborhoods, segregated cities

The study is the first to examine racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in noise pollution nationally.

2. Campus ‘confident’ Ben Shapiro event can be accommodated

UC Berkeley officials said today they are confident they will be able to accommodate a request for conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to speak on campus on Sept. 14.

3. Researchers discover how CRISPR proteins find their target

Cas enzymes that place viral DNA into CRISPR region of bacteria rely on flexibility and shape

4. In new Berkeley Law podcast, activists testify to living for social justice

Judge Thelton Henderson is interviewed on Be the Change, a series created and hosted by Savala Trepczynski, the executive director of the center that bears his name

5. Defense department pours $65 million into making CRISPR safer

Berkeley scientists to develop safer and better CRISPR tools and apply them to medicine and mosquito gene drives

6. Making chicken feathers

A tug of war between skin cells drives the formation of feathers in chickens, and likely hair and sweat glands in humans

7. New test distinguishes Zika from similar viral infections

Berkeley scientists have built a new test for Zika virus infections that would enhance both diagnosis and timely treatment of the disease.

8. Report faults California’s electronic monitoring of youth

9. A pioneer in LGBTQ care, Tang takes two steps forward for transgender students

Fertility preservation and hair electrolysis join a full list of care offered trans students on campus

10. New IGS chief: California will model a new approach for the nation

Lisa Garcia Bedolla also sees UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies as a thought leader in a turbulent time