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What Makes Us Unique

Davidson is an institution that focuses on bringing bright openminded individuals from all over the world. Our admissions committee does not focus on SAT and GPA (although they are important factors). They are looking for motivated movers and shakers that will lead this generation. We are small in numbers, but big in spirit and academic achievements / accolades.

Famous Alumni

  • Dean Rusk - Secretary of State
  • Patricia Cornwell - Author

Fun Facts

We have the world's largest wildcat statue. It weighs 1500 pounds, and is 11 feet long (the wildcat is our beloved mascot)

Traditions / School Myths

There are two myths: One is called the Chambers Ghost: Chambers is our main academic building. Our original Chambers structure burned to the ground years ago. A new structure was erected a couple of yards away from the old grounds. The myth is that at night, you can still see the foundation of the original chambers in the grass in front of the new structure. Also, there is a myth about our Fountain. If you kiss your lover at the fountain, you two will get married.

Colleges to Consider

Can I Get In? Polls

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