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What Makes Us Unique

What makes Purdue unique?  Imagine studying with professors on the leading edge of research who want to share their discoveries with you.  Imagine making friends from all parts of the globe and choosing from nearly 7,400 courses in more than 200 majors.  Imagine following in the footsteps of the first man on the moon, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, U.S. ambassadors, and Nobel Prize-winning scientists.  These opportunities and more are why students come to Purdue.

Famous Alumni

  • Bob Griese - NFL quarterback; Two-time Superbowl champion
  • Booth Tarkington - Novelist
  • Brian Lamb - President and CEO of C-SPAN
  • John Wooden - Coach; led UCLA to 10 NCAA basketball titles
  • Neil Armstrong ('55) - First man to walk on the moon
  • Orville Redenbacher - Popcorn researcher and producer
  • Drew Brees - NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers
  • Brad Miller - NBA forward for the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers
  • Glenn Robinson - NBA forward for the Milwaukee Bucks; #1 pick of the 1994 NBA Draft

Fun Facts

Purdue is proud of its "cradle of astonauts" reputation, with 22 alumni having been chosen for space travel, including the first and last men on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan, and the man who has been on more space walks than anyone else, Jerry Ross.

Traditions / School Myths

John Purdue, who gave $150,000 for the founding of the University, asked that he be buried on the campus after his death.  Consenting to his wish, the University interred his remains in the grave just east of University Hall where he is today.  One piece of folklore says (both/either) Indiana University and/or Purdue University students dug him up and took him to an "Old Oaken Bucket" game between the two schools.

Colleges to Consider

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