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What Makes Us Unique

At UNT, our students know that college means starting a new chapter in your life and developing into the person you want to be. UNT is a student-centered research university. Not only is UNT the most comprehensive university in the Dallas-Fort Worth region but it also is the fourth largest university in Texas.

Students want to know whether the college they chose has degree programs which are nationally recognized. At UNT, many of our 93 bachelor's degree programs enjoy that distinction. Students also want to know they can get a good job when they graduate. At UNT, most programs offer hands-on experience in field before graduation.

Jessica Randall, a recent graduate of UNT's engineering school, said this: "The UNT community reflects the real world, so it's a lot easier to combine work experience with your studies. My internship with the Federal Aviation Administration lasted for a year and a half, and it's making a difference in starting my career."

Famous Alumni

  • Don Henley - Rock-star-turned-environmentalist; member of the band The Eagles
  • Dr. Phil McGraw - Self-help guru
  • Larry McMutry - Author of Lonesome Dove and Last Picture Show; winner of Pulitzer Prize
  • Mean Joe Greene - NFL Hall of Famer; coach
  • Michael Faircloth - Fashion designer for First Lady Laura Bush
  • Norah Jones - Singer-songwriter; Eight-time Grammy Award winner
  • Thomas Haden Church - Actor; Academy Award nominee for Sideways

Fun Facts

When UNT launched the nation's first-ever degree program in jazz studies in 1947, the music department formed the Two O'Clock Lab Band as the first jazz ensemble for which students could earn credit. As the program grew, more bands were formed and named for the hours they met. Today, the One O'Clock Lab Band is the program's flagship ensemble. Over the years, its recordings garnered four Grammy nominations, with Lab '75 and Lab '76 marking the first-ever nomination for a student band.

Traditions / School Myths

Many sports fans believe that NFL Hall of Famer "Mean" Joe Greene left behind UNT's "Mean Green" moniker when he graduated in 1969 and joined the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although the nickname dates from the late 1960s, it actually began when spontaneous chants for the football defense inspired the athletic department to refer to the “Mean Green Defensive Unit” in a press release. Sports reporters picked up the moniker and it has stayed with UNT ever since.

Colleges to Consider

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