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What Makes Us Unique

What differentiates UW from other schools? Certainly the incredible number of opportunities and resources available on our campus, including 140 majors, 90 minors, and 1800 classes offered quarterly; 525 clubs and organizations; numerous intramural, club and 23 Division I sports; tremendous research possibilities for undergraduates (more than 25% of undergrads perform research every year) regardless of major; the largest study abroad program on the West Coast; and 16 sororities and 27 fraternities.

Also, we are most fortunate to be a large school with a residential feel (almost 1 square mile!) in the middle of a dynamic, metropolitan area like Seattle. The Emerald City is renowned not only for its natural beauty (and activities like snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing that are close by), but also because of the many cultural (including more than 29 professional theater companies, 56 fringe theater companies, 7 theater schools, more than 80 live music clubs, 15 symphony orchestras, 10 major art and cultural heritage museums, and 190 private art galleries) and employment/internship possibilities that await students here. Downtown is only 5 miles from campus and public transportation is excellent, so UW students have unparalleled opportunities to grow and thrive.

Famous Alumni

  • Christine Gregoire - Elected governor of Washington State in 2004; lead negotiator in the largest legal settlement in U.S. history, the 1998 landmark tobacco settlement
  • Dale Chihuly - Foremost glass artist of his generation and a founder of the Pilchuck Glass School; One of three American artists ever to mount a solo exhibit at the Louvre
  • Jeffrey Brotman - Best known as a founder and president of Costco, the wholesale warehouse chain
  • Thomas Foley - Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; U.S. ambassardor to Japan

Fun Facts

* First public university on the West Coast (founded in 1861)

* Located on 7 acres and containing more than 500 medicinal herbs, the UW's medicinal herb garden is the largest in the Western Hemisphere

* The UW boasts nine Nobel Laureates, including six professors and three alumni. Most recently, UW alumnus Dr. Linda Buck ('75) received the 2004 Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her landmark discoveries involving the sense of smell. Dr. Buck was the first woman ever to receive a Nobel Prize in Medicine

* After meeting for the first time at the U.S. Olympic trials, the 1936 Washington Varsity Crew overcame inexperience - and assignment to the worst possible lane - to come from behind and win the Olympic gold medal for the eight-man crew at the Berlin Olympic games

* The UW attracts more federal research money than any public or private university in the nation, save Johns Hopkins. It has produced more than 200 spin-off business, from ultrasound imaging to computer animation

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