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What Makes Us Unique

Nationally renowned academic programs
Washington State University offers a remarkable array of outstanding programs, with a number of them ranked among the best in the nation.

Faculty who care about your success
You enjoy one-on-one learning opportunities with leading experts in their fields who help you grasp new ideas and engage you in intellectual challenges. It’s the kind of personal attention you won’t get at most other major research universities.

Cutting-edge research
You learn that some of the most valuable experiences come not from textbooks, but from solving challenges in the laboratory and the field. You have the opportunity to participate in faculty research as an undergraduate, and even to conduct your own.

Outstanding career opportunities
You enrich your classroom learning at Washington State University through real-world activities: internships, service learning, campus leadership, field work, lab research, and more. It's all part of our formula to ensure your career success after graduation.

An empowering community and leadership opportunities
At Washington State University, faculty and friends help you face challenges with confidence. Opportunities for leadership abound in student organizations, campus government, and the community. Faculty advisors guide you toward the best path to achieve your academic goals and bring your career ambitions within reach.

An ideal place to live and learn
You won't find smog or traffic jams in Pullman. Instead, you find an easy-going pace and eclectic college-town atmosphere within a community that truly appreciates its University and students.

Famous Alumni

  • Edward R. Murrow - Father of television news broadcasting; WWII radio correspondent; "Hear It Now" radio program host
  • Gary Larson - Far Side cartoonist
  • Patty Murray - U.S. senator representing Washington state
  • Paul Allen - Co-founder of Microsoft; owner of the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers; philanthropist
  • Philip Abelson - Father of the nuclear-fueled submarine; Manhattan Project participant; former editor of Science magazine
  • Sherman Alexie - Acclaimed author and film maker
  • William Julius Wilson - African-American scholar, author of "The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy" and "The Declining Significance of Race"; one of nine people to receive the National Medal of Science for creativity, resolve, and innovation

Fun Facts

The WSU Bear Program is the only facility in the world to house adult grizzlies for research; scientists from across the U.S. and the world come to study them. The facility includes a 2-acre exercise yard and six indoor-outdoor pens with temperature-controlled dens. Ten bears—including two cubs, Peeka and Kio—currently reside at WSU. The four youngest bears are trained to interact safely with their handlers so scientists can conduct important physiological research without having to tranquilize the bears. Most of the adult bears were orphaned as cubs and would not have survived without human help.

Traditions / School Myths

The WSU mascot was named after a student. Herbert "Butch" Meeker was a stand-out halfback in high school, but at 5-foot-5, 145 lbs, didn't get much attention from college recruiters. After WSU offered him a spot, Butch became the star of the team, led WSU to a 6-1 season, and was named an All-American. In 1927, Governor Roland Hartley presented a cougar cub to the WSU students and suggested it be named "Butch" in honor of Meeker. Today's "Butch" is an anonymous student in the cougar suit whose true identity is revealed after the last big game of the season.

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