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What Makes Us Unique

WPI's calendar year is unique, running on four quarters/terms (A, B, C and D). Students take three classes per seven week term. Our grading system is non-punitive, as we want students to be academically adventurous and learn for the sake of learning. So, we offer A, B and C grades. Projects and research enrich WPI's academic program.  WPI believes that in these times simply passing courses and accumulating theoretical knowledge is not enough to truly educate tomorrow's leaders.  Tomorrow's professionals ought to be involved in project work that prepares them today for future challenges. Students gain invaluable experience in planning, coordinating team efforts, meeting deadlines, writing proposals and reports, making oral presentations, doing cost analyses, and making decisions.

Famous Alumni

  • Curtis R. Carlson - More than 12 companies founded
  • Dean Kamen - Inventor of the Segway
  • Paul Allaine - CEO, Xerox
  • Robert J. Harvey - Business consultant and author

Fun Facts

WPI's two tower buildings on campus (Boynton Hall where lectures used to take place, and Washburn Shops where hands-on learning took place) symbolize the blending of theory and practice.

Traditions / School Myths

WPI's mascot is a goat named Gompei, the last name of a foreign exchange student who attended WPI with his pet goat.  There is the goat head committee, somewhat of a secret society that has bronzed a goat head that is shown to the campus community 4 times per year, and then brought back in hiding.It is always a mystery as to who has the goat head!

Colleges to Consider

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