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Taking Online Courses from a Traditional College

By Amy Brantley

For many years, students have had the option to take courses through the mail. Then came online universities, which made taking courses even easier. It didn't take long for traditional colleges to catch on. They understand that students want the option to take online courses from a college they know and can trust. Some of the biggest universities and smallest community colleges now offer online courses. These include schools like Boston University, USC, and Kent State But what are the benefits to taking online courses through a traditional college?

The Ability to Compare

There's something many students do not understand. Online courses aren't for everyone. A student has to be self-motivated in order to get the work done and pass the courses in a less structured environment. A traditional college gives students the chance to try both seat-based and online courses. If for some reason the student doesn't like online courses, he won't have to worry about changing colleges altogether.


Being able to take online courses through a traditional college gives students the chance to truly have a flexible schedule. For example, if two classes are offered at the same time, but one is also available online, the student can still take both courses. Not to mention that students who want to finish college early will have the ability to take as many courses as they can handle, helping to cut the cost of tuition.

The Ability to Get Help

Traditional colleges give students taking online courses the chance to meet with their instructors face to face. Instead of an instructor being across the country, the instructor more than likely has an office on campus. Students are also likely to have access to tutors and can opt to take harder classes on campus while taking easier classes online.


There's no denying the fact that online universities can cost a small fortune. Students attending traditional colleges, though, have access to local scholarships and grants. The cost of tuition at your local community college or university can be as little as half the cost of an online university. Best of all, those students who don't have a computer or Internet access at home can use a computer lab on campus. This is a great option for students who are also taking seat-based courses.

Traditional colleges can offer some major benefits when it comes to online courses. Students get all the benefits of a traditional college while still having the ability to take classes online. It's can be a win/win situation for you.

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